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Class Field Trip to El Teatro Campesino 


The trip to El Teatro Campesino was a transformational experience that fit with themes of renewal, community production, and the honoring of the dead. Moreover, our students at UC Berkeley maintain relationships with one of the major cultural institutions of the Central Valley. Cal was once again on the map as supporters, collaborators, and activists willing to take the time to be there at the home theater of El Teatro Campesino in San Juan Bautista. The class attended a show of traditional baile, were able to witness the day of the dead altars by communidad with blessings, and an outdoor fiesta, all of which is enduring in memory. 

Student Statement

— Lulu

“I learned that Theatre is a space where intergenerational memory survives and thrives”

Traveling to El Teatro Campesino was Made Possible by a

2018 Creative Discovery Course Grant

of Berkeley Arts + Design

University of California, Berkeley

Here are some of the final projects that integrated their experience of the field trip in their intellectual development through this course:

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