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Undergraduate Course Projects

Spring 2021
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This course examines the relationship between performance and revolution in a variety of contexts and geographical sites: France, Haiti, Russia, Mexico, Cuba and Venezuela. We will identify and analyze major ideas and themes, characters, genres, and specific theater and  performance works that arise from these major historical revolutions, and the ways that different kinds of story-making and narration generate the meanings, symbols, and legacies of revolutions in the world.

Fall 2020
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From the costuming of judges and legislators to staging of the courtroom, law is performed as much as performance makes and breaks the rules. In this class, we will look more closely at this relationship between performance and law in the work of theorists and in various plays and performance pieces both classic and contemporary. We will study the role of the witness, judge and jury, embodiment, scripting, and affect, as well as how the law operates in alternative forms of law and lawmaking outside of the state, in civil disobedience, and in community tribunals. 

Fall 2018
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Welcome to the class e-zine on Theaters of the Apocalypse, an undergraduate class at the University of California Berkeley. This site brings to culmination a semester-long study on the intersections of performance and transcultural apocalyptic traditions in the American hemisphere.

Fall 2015
Theater and Revolutions

Starting with the French and the Haitian revolutions of the late 18th century and moving to the Russian, the Mexican and the Cuban Revolutions of the 20th century, this class was concerned with what kinds of theater, dance and arts were happening in relation to these pivotal moments of radical structural change. We also considered the social dramas of revolutionary movements and their constant and ongoing reproduction of history. 

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