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Teatro Lab

Teatro is for theater and performance in the Americas. Spanglish is spoken here. Lab is a place for reflection and experimentation: hands on practice, reading, analysis, and organizing in theater arts. This is a course for undergraduate and graduate students to build an ensemble of theater practice and critical engagement with Latinx and Latin American playwrights, and other artists and activists in the Americas. This class is especially geared toward the thinking-artist who is interested in areas of acting, design, directing, politics and/or facilitation for social change. It will include play readings, workshop, performance viewing, theory and analysis. The objectives are: 1) To become familiar with a selection of significant plays and performances by Latinx artists in the United States and Latin America; 2) To strengthen our student and community voices dedicated to social justice through the study and practice of theater arts; and 3) To build the foundations for an ongoing ensemble through experimentation in movement and corporal expression. In Spring of 2019 we will be working with community partners in migration, trans-border activism, and social justice issues in mainly Central and North America, learning the root causes of migration, historical and present day case points, and plays and other performance art that offer strategies for collectively taking the down the wall.

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