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we aim to expand the theater and performance work of social justice

Teatro Project UC Berkeley
Guillermo Ornelas headshot.jpeg

Guillermo “Yiyo” Ornelas


is a theater performer and advocate for arts education. As a first-generation Mexican-American, he understands the impact that an arts education can have, especially to vulnerable communities. Guillermo holds a B.A from UC Berkeley, double majoring in Sociology and Theater & Performance Studies, having received the Mark Goodson award for ‘Distinguished Theatrical Talent.’ Prior to transferring to UC Berkeley, they led a weekly theater workshop for runaway and homeless youth in Redlands, California. They’ve worked with marginalized communities to encourage youth and their families to foster creative modes of expression, through the Teatro Project and JumpStart.

Alex Bear

Alexandra "Alex" Bear 


is a current Theater and Performance Studies major at UC Berkeley focusing on technical theater, with a particular interest in sound and lighting design. She is interested in entertainment and performing arts as a pathway to wonder, personal healing, and social change. Easily made curious, Alex is often asking questions about new things to learn, and is looking forward to gaining and honing new skills, while applying her current skills to the world of theater.

Meagan Xotchilt.jpg

Megan Xotchilt


is a Xicanita born and raised in the streets of South L.A. they are a writer, poet, and visual artist who centers mental and spiritual health in their work. long-distance running, dancing, and munchin’ and las flores bougainvillea fulfill their soul. at Cal, they are a fourth year studying to major in Ethnic Studies, with a concentration in Xicana Studies and minor in TDPS, and will be graduating in the Spring of 2020! they move within art and theater to nurture spaces where marginalized communities can flourish through past, present, and futurities of mental wellness and resilience. as a writer, performer, and wellness advocate they believe (re)membering through bodily expression writes/rights transformative justice into existence.


Cristhian Ayvar  

(returning alumnus)

Born in Mexico City and raised in the Napa Valley, Christhian began advocating for DREAMers and undocumented students in 2010 after facing challenges at NYU Tisch School of the Arts due to his legal status. Cristhian continues La Lucha! at UC Berkeley, graduating in the Spring of 2015 with a Theatre & Performance Studies degree.

Rosa Lisbeth Navarrete .jpg

Rosa Lisbeth Navarrete (alumnae)

is a Peruvian native raised in California. She is a writer, dance theater performer and filmmaker. She graduated from Cal with English B.A. and two minors in Dance Performance and Creative Writing. Rosa also an alumni of Inner-City Filmmakers, a non-profit film school based in Los Angeles. She certified with Integrated Movement Studies as a Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analyst (CLMA) in early 2014. She currently works as an Arts Administrator with Dancers’ Group and IMS. RosaI longs for constructive and compassionate social change in her communities. She aims to make art that encourages, empowers and awakens. For more information:


Tiana Randall-Quant


majored in Theater and Performance Studies with a minor in English at Cal. A transfer student from Los Angeles, she is grateful to be at Cal and especially grateful for the opportunity to participate in the UC Teatro Lab. In the future, she hopes to use theater to create and promote spaces for women artists of color and address representation of people of color in mainstream media.

jeniffer cova.jpeg

Jennifer Covarrubias


was raised in Baldwin Park, CA and graduated from UC Berkeley in 2013 with a Bachelors degree in Political Economy and a minor degree in Ethnic Studies. She was the Northern California regional coordinator of the Union of Salvadoran University Students (USEU) from 2011-2013. Jennifer experienced theater from a very young age but didn’t pursue it until she was part of Teatro at Cal with Professor Angela Marino. She is currently based in Los Angeles and plans to attend law school in the Fall of 2015.


Shyanna Bryan


graduate from UC Berkeley’s Department of Theater, Dance and Performance Studies in December 2014. She was born in Nebraska but raised in California’s Central Valley and is wife and mother. Her overall interests lie in pursuing social justice through artistry and youth theater education. She hopes to use theater to empower young people through awareness of their immediate communities as well as their placement as citizens of the world in order to foster love for themselves and empathy for others.

megan maurino.png

Megan Maurino


Born and raised in Susanville, CA Megan

has always loved to do performance theater and dance. Inspired by work of Luis Valdez and the Chicano Rights Movement she believes theater is an effective way for social organizing, movement building, and political action. She is the Director of the Berkeley Water Group uses theater to communicate water injustices and would like to continue this work in the future. She got involved with the El Teatro Project in the Fall of 2014

Martha Herrera-Lasso.jpg

Martha Herrera-Lasso


is from Mexico City, where she studied playwriting at the national university (UNAM), and later worked as writer and developer for theater and television. She has an MA in Theatre from the University of British Columbia in Canada, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Performance Studies at the University of California, Berkeley, with a focus on language, performance and immigration. She likes to think, speak and write about how languages and cultures are translated, circulated and made to intersect.

katherine Garcia.jpg

Katherine Garcia


Bay area native and recent graduate of UC Berkeley studying Theater and Performance Studies and a minor in Ethnic Studies, Katherine, grew up in Richmond California she saw the injustices that occurred within her community, and she hopes to use theater as a method towards social change.

ANATALIA pic.jpg

Anatalia Vallez


is a proud daughter of Mexican migrant parents, writer, performer, and artivist passionate about using art as a tool for creating consciousness and community. Addressing everything from migration, machismo and our relationship to nature, she seeks to find intimate truths and plant seeds for transformation.


She has a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and minor in Theater and Performance Studies from UC Berkeley and was part of the first cohort of Teatro at CAL students back in 2013. She is the author of "the most spectacular mistake" published by FlowerSong Press (2020) which has been featured in the LA Times, KPFK Public Radio's "Nuestra Voz" segment, LibroMobile and Stage Explorations on Youtube. Currently she is working on her MFA in Television, Film and Theatre with an emphasis in acting from Cal State University, Los Angeles. To find out more visit:

sami cubias.png

Samanta "Sami" Cubias


is an actor, writer and director born and raised in Caifornia’s San Fernando Valley. Sami moved to the Bay Area to attend UC Berkeley, where she graduated with a degree in Theater and Performance Studies, and Political Science in 2012. Since then, she has dedicated her time to working with other emerging performing artists in the East Bay and San Francisco. When she’s not spending long hours in rehearsals, Sami works full-time at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre. Sami lives in Oakland, and enjoys taking long walks with her dog, Luna.

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